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As You Are Counselling

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  • Individual counselling Individual counselling
  • Relationship counselling Relationship counselling
  • Addictions counselling Addictions counselling
  • Sliding Scale Sliding Scale
  • Youth  Youth
  • Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
  • Trans Affirming Trans Affirming
  • LGBQ+ Affirming  LGBQ+ Affirming

At As You Are Counselling, we create an inclusive and safe space to empower individuals through curiosity and courageous exploration. We celebrate each individual by encouraging adaptive creativity in those we meet. We understand and recognize change as becoming more of who you are.

Our team of Registered Clinical Counsellors are here for you. We are ready and willing to support you so together we can explore the difficulties and experiences which have been weighing on your heart and mind. Please visit our website to book a free 15 minute phone consultation easily.

We are committed to supporting and celebrating who you are, As You Are.

Our services and pricing:

- Individual Counselling, $150/ hour (in-person or online available)
- Relationship Counselling, $175/ hour (in-person or online available)
- Family Counselling, $200/ hour (in-person available)

Compassionate pricing available upon request for those with financial limitations.

Some of our specialities include:

– LGBTQ+ and BIPOC support
- Self-esteem Counselling
– Personal Growth
– Emotional Regulation Therapy
– Anxiety Therapy
– Depression Therapy
– Grief and Loss Counselling
– Sex Therapy
– Anger Management Therapy
– Life Transitions Counselling
– Trauma Therapy
– First Responders Counselling
– Addiction Counselling

We encourage you to learn more by visiting our website.

Want to learn more about this service’s work with Two-Spirit, trans, LGBQ+ people?

We invite all service providers listed on MindMapBC  to answer the following questions. These questions were developed in collaboration with community members, researchers, and mental health and other service providers. They're intended to help us understand what a service provider or organization is doing to affirm and support sexual and gender diverse service users.

See below for responses for this listing.

Want to learn more about our screening questions and filters?

Are the forms used in your practice inclusive of various sexual orientations and gender identities (e.g., opportunities to fill in pronouns, etc.)?


Yes our forms are inclusive with opportunities to fill in pronouns, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.

Do you collect and use preferred names (rather than legal names) for all communications?


We request the legal name of the individual (for invoicing/ insurance), as well as preferred name of individual for daily communication

Do you and your colleagues have experience providing services that support clients with navigating gender dysphoria*?

*TransCareBC describes gender dysphoria as a term "intended to describe the distress some trans people experience with relation to their gender identity, particularly if they would like to transition but have not yet done so".

—Yes, to some extent

Our Counsellors have had education and training on this

Please tell us how equipped you feel to support a client in determining if/when their mental health symptoms are related to their gender-related experiences or other factors? Please describe your response choice below.

—Very confident

Our Counsellors have experience in this area

Do you/your colleagues understand the difference between gender dysphoria and mental health conditions/symptoms that are unrelated to gender dysphoria or distress?


Yes our Counsellors understand

Do you and your colleagues have experience working with people who identify as living with a disability or chronic illness? Please tell us more about your experience and any training you have received.

No response provided.

Our Counsellors have experience with several individuals who identify as living with a disability or chronic illness. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors have had classes related to this in their masters degrees as well as training in the same

Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for Two-Spirit, queer, or trans Indigenous individuals accessing your services?


Yes our Counsellors are aware of the barriers

Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for LGBQ individuals accessing your services?


Yes we are aware of the barriers which may exist form LGBTQ individuals accessing our services. One of the ways we are attempting to break down the barriers, is by advertising LGBTQ+ and BIPOC support on our website, as well as joining databases like this

Are you and your colleagues comfortable asking relevant questions about gender identity and sexual orientation?


Yes our Counsellors are comfortable and experienced in this

Do you offer Indigenous 2S/LGBTQ+ specific resources, for example Indigenous Elders or Knowledge Keepers?


We do not offer any specific resources but if requested, we can provide resources specific to the individual requesting the resource

Do you and your colleagues ask clients about pronouns and use them appropriately?


We ask in our intake form, before the first session about the pronouns, gender identity, etc. so our clients feel seen and heard

Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for trans individuals accessing your services?


Yes we are aware of the barriers which may exist for tans individuals to access our services and do our best to break these barriers and provide an inclusive and transparent clinic

Does your practice have gender-neutral washrooms?


We have female bodied, male bodied, and gender inclusive washrooms

Are there clear anti-discrimination policies that include gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in your organization or practice?


We do not tolerate discrimination in our counselling practice

Are all individuals involved in service provision actively engaged in decolonizing their practices and/or organization? If yes, please type below what actions you and/or your organization are taking.


Our Counsellors have training and understanding in multiculturalism. Our Counsellors also have a compassionate understanding to honour various ethnic and racial identities. We accept individuals of various backgrounds and identities in our clinic, and strive for ongoing consent, and inclusive and transparent anti-oppressive counselling practices. Our process involves understanding difficult experiences, offering a safe space to be open, and moving towards healing where individuals can thrive. Our Counsellors actively listen to understand, and tailor the counselling approach to each unique individual. Our practice works toward a brighter, shared vision of the future.

Are all individuals involved in service provision actively engaged in anti-racist practices, policies, and systems in their care model?




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