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Connor Denoon, RCC

  •   604-600-1731
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  • Individual counselling Individual counselling
  • Sliding Scale Sliding Scale
  • 2S/LGBTQ+ Affirming 2S/LGBTQ+ Affirming
  • Telehealth Telehealth

Connor situates himself in a Person-Centred framework developed by psychologist Carl Rogers, and takes an eclectic approach towards the interventions he uses. He genuinely believes all human beings are inherently good-natured, and we have the unique and instinctual ability to strive towards growth, completeness, and fulfillment in our lives. When this process is challenged by loved ones, role models, and society, we begin to drift away from who we truly are. Ultimately, this drift leads to a conflict between our true-self and the self others want us to be, and these two competing selves may lead to symptoms of psychological distress and imbalance.

Working with Connor you’ll begin to discover your beliefs and values that will enable you to move towards the fulfillment your true self has always been striving for. In combination with other evidence-based interventions Connor is trained in, you’ll begin to recognize the differences between your own values and those that may have been imposed upon you; an increase in confidence and self-direction; a decreased desire to please others in a way that you lose yourself in the process; and an increase in coping skills and mechanisms to navigate life’s challenges.


412 - 207 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H7


Services available in these languages

  • English

Last updated: December 11, 2020
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