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Irvine Harvey Counselling

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My name is Irvine G. Harvey (he/him/his). I am an up-and-coming Registered Clinical Counsellor on Vancouver Island. I live in Sidney, BC, with my husband Daniel, our Great Dane Luna, and our new baby cat Quincy. I have a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University (Vancouver, BC), a Certificate in Community Counselling from Vancouver Community College (Vancouver, BC), and a Degree in Physical Therapy from Angeles University (Philippines). I am a member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

I am an approved service provider for the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Mental Health Benefits Program, ICBC, the Mental Health Services of Metis Nation British Columbia (MNBC), and the Crime Victims Assistance Program (Ministry of Public Safety). I’m a Certified DBT Practitioner and will be completing training as a Certified ADHD Professional.

Over the years, my life experiences have led me in the counselling profession to be an advocate, listener, and support for people who are struggling with their wellness, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, emotional instability, anger issues, panic disorders, personality disorders, and bipolar disorders.

My practice also supports individual survivors of sexual abuse, people going through grief and loss, and the processing of traumatic experiences. I am well versed in working with a diverse group of communities comprised of men’s health, the LGBTQQIAAP group of unique individuals, new immigrants, and refugees. I also work with couples and families experiencing hardships in their relationships.

My therapeutic approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with a Trauma-Informed Practice, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment, Person-Centred, and Good Psychiatric Management models. I believe you, the client, is the primary driver of your therapeutic journey. Thus, meeting you where you are at is of utmost importance. As my client, you will be an active participant – you and I will rely on our relationship, trust, openness to experience, and honest communication.

Want to learn more about this service’s work with Two-Spirit, trans, LGBQ+ people?

We invite all service providers listed on MindMapBC  to answer the following questions. These questions were developed in collaboration with community members, researchers, and mental health and other service providers. They're intended to help us understand what a service provider or organization is doing to affirm and support sexual and gender diverse service users.

See below for responses for this listing.

Want to learn more about our screening questions and filters?

Are the forms used in your practice inclusive of various sexual orientations and gender identities (e.g., opportunities to fill in pronouns, etc.)?


Do you collect and use preferred names (rather than legal names) for all communications?


Do you and your colleagues ask about pronouns and use them appropriately?


Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for trans individuals accessing your services?


Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for Two-Spirit individuals accessing your services?


Do you offer Indigenous 2S/LGBTQ+ specific resources, for example Indigenous Elders or Knowledge Keepers?


Are you and your colleagues comfortable asking relevant questions about gender identity and sexual orientation?


Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for LGBQ individuals accessing your services?


Can you and your colleagues distinguish gender/identity dysphoria/distress from mental health conditions?


Do you and your colleagues have experience working with people who identify as living with a disability or chronic illness? Please tell us more about your experience and any training you have received. (For example, do you have experience working with people with diverse physical or cognitive abilities, or those who are living with specific chronic illness(es)?


Does your practice have gender-neutral washrooms?


Are there clear anti-discrimination policies that include gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in your organization or practice?


Are all individuals involved in service provision actively engaged in decolonizing their practices and/or organization? If yes, please type below what actions you and/or your organization are taking.


Are all individuals involved in service provision actively engaged in anti-racist practices, policies, and systems in their care model?



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