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  • LGBQ+ Affirming  LGBQ+ Affirming
  • Trans Affirming Trans Affirming
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First, congrats on looking for help! It's not always easy. Perhaps you've been trying to manage and change on your own for years. Feeling like you need to be able to "handle" everything that life throws at you. Like you "should" be able to figure it all out on your own. Putting effort into changing, only to find yourself repeating patterns, feeling defeated, and not knowing what to do next. It is exhausting! Choosing to finally get help may feel hard, but honestly, from here it should get easier. You're choosing to get off the rollercoaster of doing it all alone, and counselling, which we know can be a total game changer.
The next step is simple: schedule a phone consult at: ; contact me here, or check out my website. We start with a chat to see if we're a good match, and then we book your 1st appointment. Congrats on this first step! Counselling can be life changing.

Want to learn more about this service’s work with Two-Spirit, trans, LGBQ+ people?

We invite all service providers listed on MindMapBC  to answer the following questions. These questions were developed in collaboration with community members, researchers, and mental health and other service providers. They're intended to help us understand what a service provider or organization is doing to affirm and support sexual and gender diverse service users.

See below for responses for this listing.

Want to learn more about our screening questions and filters?

Do you collect and use preferred names (rather than legal names) for all communications?


Are the forms used in your practice inclusive of various sexual orientations and gender identities (e.g., opportunities to fill in pronouns, etc.)?


Do you and your colleagues ask about pronouns and use them appropriately?

—Yes, to some extent

Sometimes, people are triggered by being put on the spot about their pronouns (for example, if they're struggling or experiencing dysphoria about it), so REQUIRING it is not always affirming.

Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for trans individuals accessing your services?

—Yes, to some extent

Unfortunately, while working within insurance or medical systems, there can sometimes be a need for paperwork to reference dead names. That is always client led.

Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for Two-Spirit individuals accessing your services?


Do you offer Indigenous 2S/LGBTQ+ specific resources, for example Indigenous Elders or Knowledge Keepers?

—Yes, to some extent

Perhaps literature if relevant.

Are you and your colleagues comfortable asking relevant questions about gender identity and sexual orientation?


Are you and your colleagues aware of what specific barriers may exist for LGBQ individuals accessing your services?


Can you and your colleagues distinguish gender/identity dysphoria/distress from mental health conditions?

—Yes, to some extent

Sometimes everything is connected, but it's important to be very client-led and affirming while exploring if and how things may or may not be related.

Does your practice have gender-neutral washrooms?


Are there clear anti-discrimination policies that include gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in your organization or practice?


I'm a private practice counsellor, luckily I haven't had to have that meeting with myself?

Are all individuals involved in service provision actively engaged in decolonizing their practices and/or organization? If yes, please type below what actions you and/or your organization are taking.

—Yes, to some extent

Land acknowledgments, inclusive language.

Are all individuals involved in service provision actively engaged in anti-racist practices, policies, and systems in their care model?

—Yes, to some extent


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